Belle Hair Extensions Student Reviews

Over the last five years we have asked all of our students at the end of every course to fill out a feedback form which allows them to rate the course out of 5 stars on the following:

1) Professionalism

2) Classroom

3) Lunch & Refreshments

4) Lecturer(s)

5) Interaction level

6) Training Kit

7) Value for money

8) Additional comments

You can now view some of these video testimonials here for the first time! The feedback has been 5/5 and 100% excellent in every single Belle course, our students are superb!

The feedback forms are also in the proccess of being uploaded to our website and you will be able to view thousands of student feedback forms on our website from January 2007 all the way until now 2016!


Hair Extensions Training


NB: Please note, if you are interested in booking a Belle Hair Extension course, the places are extremely limited. Due to high demand, our courses are available on a first come first serve basis. To avoid disappointment, we advise you to book in advance to ensure your space.

Videos listed below

Sarah (Pontypridd) View Sarah Video

Hi my names Sarah from Pontypridd,i just did the Belle hair extension course today, was absolutley fab, very professional, the lecturer was so down to earth and the kit was amazing, everything you need. Excellent value for money and I highly recommend it!


Claire (Bexhill) View Claire Video

Hello i'm Claire and today i've done my Belle hair extension course in Bournemouth and I found that the lecturers were really really patient and i've never done anything with hair in my life before. I've got through it and I feel really excited about starting my own business which i'm going to do in Bexhill, its been thick snow and I managed to get here, its been well worth every minute. I had so many questions to ask and everything that I feel I didnt know has been answered today so thanks everybody!


Sarah Jane - (Newport) View Sarah Video

Hi, My name's Sarah-Jane and im from Newport. Ive just done the Belle hair extension course here in Cardiff today. I booked the course on the internet and i've gotta say, it was absolutely brilliant! It's a thumbs-up from me! I learned the fusion bonding and the micro rings methods today and everything else i really needed to know so I cant wait to start my business from here on today. The kit you get is brilliant, you get everything in there that you need. The pace of learning was fantastic, top quality if you ask me! Overall, its a BIG thumbs up from me and we even had Domino's for lunch, my fave! Thankyou very much!


Sabrina Perryman (Bristol) View Sabrina Parryman Video

Hi my name's Sabrina Perryman,i've just done the Belle hair extensions course in Cardiff and i'm from Bristol. I found the course absolutely brilliant, I did the micro loops and the pre-bonded fusion. I'm totally confident in everything that i've learnt today, I could go out and get paid customers without a problem,I know everything of what to do. Everything that I asked question-wise was answered really well and really really thoroughly, there was no confusion anywhere in the course. All three teachers I had were really really good at explaining things. If there were problems or you had anything wrong, they weren't patronising at all, they were very understanding. I would just recommend it to everybody!


Emma Steel (Bristol) View Emma Video

Hello my names Emma Steel, im from Bristol i just did the Belle Hair Extensions course. It was very professional the lecturers were fantastic and i cannot wait to start doing it on my friend's hair!


Hannah (Cardiff) View Hannah Video

Hi my names Hannah, ive been on the Belle hair extension course in Cardiff today and it was absolutely fantastic and i recommend it to everybody!


Chelsea Stewart (Edinburgh) View Chelsea Video

Hello my names Chelsea Stewart, im from Edinburgh. I just did
the Glasgow belle hair extensions course. They were very professional
they really helped you alot with what you were doing and it was mostly one to one
hands on learning. Ive learned two different methods today, the bonded fusion and the micro rings

I will definetely recommend going on this course, im not a hairdresser myself but am feeling that im going away with alot of experience and knowledge that I never had before.


Sally (Northampton) View Sally Video

Hello! I'm Sally I come from Northampton, i came to do this hair course it was very professional.

I recommend it to anyone who is looking to do hair extensions. The lecturers were very professional and very patient and very good. Thank you!


Jade (Glasgow) View Jade Video

Hi my name's Jade from Glasgow, I just did the Belle hair extensions course, i thought it was really good and that we wouldnt be able to fit everything in but we did. I cant wait to start trading now and doing some great hair extensions, it was great and thanks very much!


Sue (Manchester) View Sue Video

Hi, my names Sue and i've just completed the Belle hair extensions course and thoroughly enjoyed it and i feel confident enough to go out and extend people's hair. The course was very informative.


Amy (Leeds) View Amy Video

Hi my name is Amy from Leeds, i just came to the Belle Hair Extensions course and i would definetely recommend it. I thought theory and practical was great i learnt so much.

They give good information about pricing and where to get your hair from and everything my favourite bit was practising with the people in the class. They did some on my hair and i did some on them.


Mel (Edinburgh) View Sally Video

Hi im Mel from Edinburgh and i just did the Belle Hair Extensions course, found it really good. I learnt how to do the micro rings and the fusion bonds. Also how to move them and maintain them Also marketing.. really looking forward to getting started


Annabel (Newcastle) View Sally Video

Hello, my names Annabel, ive just done the Belle Hair Extensions Course in Newcastle it was really good. I didn't think i would learn everything in half a day. But i feel more
then confident to do someone's hair and i cant wait to start.


Jade (Glasgow) View Sally Video

Hi my name is Jade, im from Glasgow and i did the Belle Hair Extensions course today with Vicky and Kim. Very informative friendly service. Id highly recommend it for anyone
looking to do hair. Again i thought i wouldn't learn everything in the day. But was perfect and i feel confident to do hair.


Emma (Scotland, Baintore) View Sally Video

Hi im Emma from Baintore i just did the Belle Hair Extensions course in Glasgow, I found it really helpful we did the micro fusion bonding and the micro loop extensions. I prefered the glued onces, just found them more interesting. Ive never seen the micro looped in my hair cause i got one in my hair as well. I thought was really good and to actually put it in some bodies hair is great.

Kim was amazing you can ask her any questions and you can felt confortable with her. Her teaching was amazing. I cant wait to start and make a business out of it.

(Belle Channel) View Belle Chanel

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Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training

Hair Extensions Training